The quick playing guide for mobile game real racing 3

The best racing mobile game in 2014 for me is real racing 3. This game is developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published for android, iOS and BlackBerry devices on 28 Feb 2013. Although this game receives many worse reviews on iOS platform, I still love this game. It has many improvements compared to the last two version. Especially, its improved graphics and the addition of real-world tracks is very attracted to me. I will share some great tips about playing this game on mobile devices here so that you can get more benefits from real racing 3.

Firstly, you should understand that there are total seven ongoing events on the game. They are called Redline Origins, MotorFiesta 1, Scuderia, Monza, Ferrari 375 F1, Ferrari 412 T2 and Ferrari F14 T. You have chances to get Ferrari 375 F1 in Redline Origins event aftere completing seven stages. Complete Dawn of Scuderia Ferrari stage you can get 5 gold coins as rewards. Next stage is Glass Cannons in which the cars are fragile and bloody fast. The worst thing is that you can’t get help from the tracks. All you can do is believe in yourself. As Ferrari Legends is an easy stage, you can only gain five gold after winning this stage. Euro Racedays stage, Circuit Upgrades stage, Indy Speedway stage and Generations stage are the most hard part on this event. After you win all these four stages, you can gain total 60 gold and 40,000 Real Cash on the game. Also you can get a new fast car – Ferrari 375 F1.

real racing 3 cars

There are total six types of circuits on the game based on the new update. They are Central Europe circuits, Southern Europe circuits, United Kingdom circuits, USA circuits, Asia circuits and Australia circuits. Mount Panorama and Melbourne circuits are located in Australia. Pay attention to these 2 circuits as they are very similar to the Albert Park circuit from the Australian F1 Grand Prix. There is only one circuit which is called Suzuka located in Asia. Indianapolis circuit and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit are located in USA. Silverstone Circuit and Brands Hatch circuit are located in United Kingdom. They are the shortest circuits in real racing 3. So you should run as fast as you can in these two circuits. Plus, Silverstone Circuit is the most configurable circuit in the world. It has more than nine configurations and very famous in England.

real racing 3 gold

Let’s talk about the in-game currency. There are two types of currencies on the game. They are gold and real cash. Real cash can be gained by completing races. The more races you win on the game, the more real cash you will received. You can use real cash to buy new cars, upgrade your cars and pay for the cars’ maintenance. Gold can be got from advancing to a higher driver level and watching 15 to 30 second advertisements available in-game. You can use gold to cut off the maintenance time. Both gold and real cash can be purchased via real world money.
Many players want to know how to get gold and R$ fast and safe. Well, I used to use real racing 3 hack tool to achieve this goal in the past few days. Before you try that tool, you should really know the requirements to run that tool. The best tips is not add too many amounts when using that tool.

There are many updates come to real racing 3 in 2014. Some are good and some are bad. For your game safety, I suggest you apply all the updates to the game now. Finally, you can leave some comments about this article in the comment section so that we can share great tips with each others.